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Postcolonialisms brings together the key texts which define the study of colonial and postcolonial cultures. This expansive and clearly organized anthology offers the most up-to-date and in-depth overview of this rapidly developing field.


Introduction - Gaurav Desai and Supriya Nair
Ideologies of Imperialism
1) Christopher Columbus, 'Letter of Christopher Columbus on the Discovery of America' 2) Edmund Burke, 'Speech in the Impeachment of Warren Hastings' 3) Frederick Lugard, 'The Value of British Rule in the Tropics to British Democracy and the Native Races'
The Critique of Colonial Discourse
4) Valentin Y. Mudimbe, Duke University, 'Romanus Pontifex (1454) and the Expansion of Europe' 4) Aime Cesaire, Discourse on Colonialism 6) Roberto Fernandez Retamar, University of Havana, 'Caliban: Notes Towards a Discussion of Culture in Our America' 7) Edward Said, Columbia University, 'Introduction' to Orientalism 8) Linda Tuhiwai Smith, University of Auckland, New Zealand, 'Imperialism, History, Writing and Theory'
The Politics of Language and Literary Studies
9) Thomas Macaulay, 'Minute on Indian Education'
10) Alexander Crummell, 'The English Language in Liberia' 11) Ngugi wa Thiongo, NYU, 'The Language of African Literature' 12) Carolyn Cooper, University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, 'Writing Oral History: Sistren Theatre Collective's Lionheart Gal'
Nationalisms and Nativisms
13) Leopold Senghor, cole Nationale de la France d'Outre-Mer, 'Negritude: A Humanism of the Twentieth Century' 14) Chinweizu, Onwuchekwa Jemie and Ihechukwu Madubuike, 'The African Novel and its Critics (1950-1975)' 15) Frantz Fanon, 'On National Culture' 16) Paul Gilroy, Yale, 'The Tyrannies of Unanimism'
Hybrid Identities
17) Octave Mannoni, 'The Threat of Abandonment' 18) Derek Walcott, Boston University, 'The Caribbean: Culture or Mimicry?' 19) Homi Bhabha, Harvard, 'Of Mimicry and Man' 20) Jean Bernabe, Patrick Chamoiseau and Raphael Confiant, 'In Praise of Creoleness' 21) Jana Sequoya, 'How(!) is an Indian?: A Contest of Stories'
Gender and Sexualities
22) Leila Ahmed, Harvard Divinity School, 'The Discourse of the Veil' 23) Oyeronke Oyewumi, Stony Brook, State University of New York, 'Colonising Bodies and Minds: Gender and Colonialism' 24) Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Columbia University, 'Three Women's Texts and a Critique of Imperialism' 25) Timothy Chin, California State University, Dominguez Hills, 'Bullers and Battymen: Contesting Homophobia in Black Popular Culture and Contemporary Caribbean Literature'
Reading the Subaltern
26) Ranajit Guha, formerly of Australian National University, Canberra, 'On some Aspects of the Historiography of Colonial India' 27) David Lloyd, University of Southern California, 'Outside History: Irish New Histories and the 'Subalternity Effect" 28) John Beverley, University of Pittsburgh, 'Our Rigoberta? I, Rigoberta Menchu, Cultural Authority and the Problem of Subaltern Agency' 29) Nicholas Thomas, Goldsmiths University of London, 'The Primitivist and the Postcolonial'
Comparative (Post)colonialisms
30) 'Apology Bill, Public Law 103-150' 31) Amy Kaplan, University of Pennsylvania, 'Manifest Domesticity' 32) Pal Ahluwalia, Goldsmith University of London, 'When does a Settler become a Native? Citizenship and Identity in a Settler Society' 33) David Chioni Moore, Macalester College, 'Is the Post- in Postcolonial the Post- in Post-Soviet?'
Globalization and Postcoloniality
34) Stuart Hall, The Open University, 'Thinking the Diaspora: Home-Thoughts from Abroad' 35) Arif Dirlik, University of Oregon, 'The Postcolonial Aura: Third World Criticism in the Age of Global Capitalism' 36) Rey Chow, Brown University, 'Against the Lures of Diaspora' 37) Simon Gikandi, Princeton University, 'Globalization and the Claims of Postcoloniality'


Gaurav Desai is Associate Professor of English at Tulane University and author of Subject to Colonialism: African Self-fashioning and the Colonial Library. Supriya Nair is Associate Professor of English at Tulane University and author of Caliban's Curse: George Lamming and the Revisioning of History.


'The interdisciplinary field of postcolonial studies has expanded and transformed itself in many new directionsit is time to have this new reader with selections that are in touch with these developments.' Amritjit Singh, Rhode Island College'The organization is excellent, properly balanced between the canonical and the updated, between geographical regions, and in terms of the liveliest controversies.'Bruce Robbins, Columbia University 'Postcolonialisms provides in one place critical essays which account both for the discourses of imperialism as well as generations and movements of anti-colonial critique ... perhaps the best collection of its kind in postcolonial studies.' Carole Boyce Davies, Florida International University'One of the best anthologies of contemporary postcolonial studies, this is a very useful resource for students. The editors do justice both to the history of the field and its most current concerns. The book provides a wide range of intellectual p
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