The Making of a Soviet Scientist: My Adventures in Nuclear Fusion and Space from Stalin to Star Wars

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September 1995



Time calls Sagdeev ". . .a mixture of wit, charm, and trenchant observation". In this thoroughly engaging memoir by one of the world's leading physicists, Sagdeev offers a window into the Soviet scientific world. As head of the joint U.S.-Soviet Apollo-Soyuz mission and advisor to Gorbachev, his story offers the first insider's account from the only top-ranking member to leave the Soviet space program. Full of surprising details and wry humor.


Partial table of contents:; Tickets to Mars.; Going to Kazan.; War.; Only Physics Makes Sense.; The Kurchatov Institute.; My Mentors.; Landau.; Kapitsa: The Lone Warrior.; A Hostage to Politics.; Fusion.; Farewell, Moscow.; The Giant Leap Forward.; The Academy of Sciences: The House of Lords.; The Beginning of a Space Career.; The Chief Designer and the Chief Theorist of Cosmonautics.; The War of the Titans.; War Games in the Academy.; From Here to Eternity.; The War of the Worlds.; Big Oleg.; Gorbachev.; The Call of the Name.; The Revenge of the Comet.; In Place of an Epilogue.; Glossary.; Index.


ROALD Z. SAGDEEV is Distinguished Professor of Physics and director of the East--West Center for Space Science at the University of Maryland. As director of the Space Research Institute, the eminent physicist led the joint U.S.--Soviet Apollo--Soyuz mission and the international mission to Halley's comet. In addition to his scientific career, Dr. Sagdeev played a major political role during the first five years of perestroika, serving as an advisor to Mikhail Gorbachev at the Geneva, Washington, and Moscow summits.
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