Brother Cadfael's Penance

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Oktober 1995



In this, the twentieth Brother Cadfael mystery, it is 1145 and Cadfael has asked for leave to attend a conference aimed at resolving the fight for the throne. But Cadfael has a mission of his own - to find out what happened to his son who was taken prisoner at the siege of Faringdon Castle.


Ellis Peters is one of the pseudonyms of Edith Pargeter who wrote several books under her own name and also Peter Benedict, Jolyon Carr and John Redfern. She was the recipient of the Crime Writers Association and the Cartier Diamond Dagger Award. She died in 1995.


A more attractive and presupposing detective it would be hard to find. SUNDAY TIMES As usual, Ellis Peters writes with quietly compelling expertise and an eye for character. WOMAN'S JOURNAL
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Untertitel: The Twentieth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael. 'The Cadfael Chronicles'. geneal. table, maps. Sprache: Englisch.
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