The Nature of Boats

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Boat noodling. Boat lovers suffer universally from this benign affliction. In its mildest form, boat noodling is nothing more than wondering why that sloop in the next slip is faster than yours. In a more significant manifestation it could mean serious daydreaming--drifting off for extended periods, sketching design ideas on the back of an envelope. Chances are, if you've picked up this book just to see what's in it, you're beyond help.Naval architect Dave Gerr offers the perfect antidote, a browser's reference to understanding how boats tick: all you've ever wanted to know about boats--power and sail, racer and cruiser; dinghy and motoryacht.In the clear, friendly, nontechnical style that has made his column for Offshore magazine so enduring and popular, Gerr explains everything from how thick a hull should be to why one sailboat tips less than another, from choosing an engine to designing a rig for your trawler yacht, from building a dinghy to simple rules of thumb for dozens of design quandaries.Gerr writes for the boat noodler in all of us--those seriously interested in learning and dreaming about all types of watercraft. There is no better way to become a better sailor, equipped to handle any contingency. And there's no better place to start than right here.


A Note on Metrics
Part 1. Boats to Note--Designs and Types Worth a Noodle
1. The Earliest Yachts--a Gift from the Dutch
2. The Dory--The Seaman's Sea Boat
3. Sharpshooters--The Catboats that Never Were
4. Sea Skiffs: Sea Bright and Otherwise
5. The Best of Both Worlds
6. A Cruise Aboard Crackerjack or an Imaginary Cruise in a Dream Boat
7. Presto and Sharpie: The American Answer to the Dutch
8. A Tug of the Heart Strings
9. My Own Double-Enders
10. The Ultimate Sportfisherman
11. The Sutherland Paddle Boat
12. Nester Dinghy and the Terribly Trying Dinghy Dilemma
Part 2. Theory for Everyone or Why Boats Do What They Do
13. How Big Is She Really?
14. Displacement and Shape--the Practical and the Forgotten
15.The Great Stability Mystery
16. Flotation and Trim
Part 3. Shaping Her Up or What's Hull Form About, Anyway?
17. Defining Her Shape
18. Reading Between the Lines
19. Speaking Volumes
Part 4. How Fast Will She Go?
20. Power Yardsticks
21. So You Like to Sail Fast?
Part 5. Fads, Trends, and History
22. Thanks to the Rule . . .
23. Speed with Style
Part 6. The Iron Breeze
24. Engine Lore
25. Let's Talk Torquey
26. The Care and Feeding of a Power Plant
27. The Case of the Boat that Shook or Engine Nightmare
28. Outboard Info
Part 7. Electricity and Water Sometimes Mix
29. The Case of the Boat that Burned
30. Controlling the Flow, Keeping Electrons on the Straight and Narrow
31. Comprehensible Corrosion: Keeping Your Electrons from Jumping Ship
Part 8. Analyzing the Eggbeater
32. Power to the Propeller: Propeller Selection You Can Understand
33. Understanding the Sailboat Propeller--The Art of Compromise
34. Getting the Shaft, Pulling the Prop, and Taking Its Measure
35. Speed Demon Drives
36. The Boat that Wouldn't Fly
Part 9. Catching the Wind: Sailing Simplified
37. Getting a Lift
38. Lift from Cloth: Sails and Their Workings
39. Rigging Rules of Thumb: Demystifying the Rigging Game
40. The Delicate Balance
41. Homemade Self-Steering
42. Miracle Rope!
Part 10. You Built Her of What? Construction for Everyone
43. Even from Cheese Whiz (Almost)
44. Scantling Rules of Thumb
45. It's Only Plastic
46. Secrets of Space-Age Hulls
47. Believe It or Not, Wood Is Best
48. The Ring of Metal--Boats from the Smithy
49. Home-Built Boatyard
Part 11. People Power or Your Boat Should Fit Like a Glove
50. Room Enough? The Human Dimension
51. At the Helm: Steering Station Ergonomics
52. Staying Afloat
Part 12. Getting Where You're Going
53. Rudders, Hitting What You Aim For
54. Controlling the Rudder
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Dave Gerr (rhymes with "bear") is a naval architect who designs both yachts and commercial vessels. Gerr Marine has been in business since 1983 and has designed everything from dinghies to 60-foot around-the-world racing sailboats, an 82-foot aluminum voyaging motoryacht, and currently, redesign work on the U.S. Navy's nuclear submarines. Gerr is a contributing editor with Boatbuilder, Yachting, and Offshore magazines. HOMETOWN: New York, NY


"It's sort of a cross between David Macaulay's The Way Things Work and a volume of Andy Rooney essays. Which means it's fun and educational at the same time." Practical Sailor "If you are not not nautically obsessed prior to reading this book, you will most certainly be afterword." Sailing "It's quite obvious Gerr understands the weaknesses of those of us afflicted with a passion for boats. Furthermore, he trades on our insatiable appetite for nautical tidbits. And he does it well. There's hardly an aspect of yacht design, construction, and operation that he doesn't touch on in his cheerful, chatty manner." Sea
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