Mindblindness: An Essay on Autism and Theory of Mind

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Januar 1997



A Bradford Book. "Learning, Development, and Conceptual Change series"


Mindblindness and mindreading; evolutionary psychology and social chess; mindreading - nature's choice; developing mindreading - the four steps; autism and mindblindness; how brains read minds; the language of the eyes; mindreading - back to the future.


Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor in Developmental Psychopathology and Director of the Autism Research Centre at the University of Cambridge, is the author of Mindblindness (MIT Press, 1997) and The Essential Difference: The Truth about the Male and Female Mind.


"Wow! in this lucid, compelling book Simon Baron-Cohen guides us deepinto the realm of the mind...This fascinating book captures theexcitment of an emerging field, and advances that field." Henry M. Wellman, University of Michigan
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