The Methuen Drama Book of Duologues for Young Actors

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August 1995



Ranging from Renaissance to contemporary plays, this text brings together a range of pieces varied in subject, tone and style for young actor It provides a resource book for teachers and performers alike, for auditions, acting classes, festivals, examinations or performance.


Duologues: "Anne Boleyn", Peter Albery;
"The Cuckoo Sister", Vivien Alcock;
"It's Not the End of the World", Judy Blume;
"The Sea", Edward Bond;
"Skungpoomery", Ken Campbell;
"Split Down the Middle", David Campton;
"Top Girls", Caryl Churchill;
"Easy Virtue", Noel Coward;
"Kate and Emma", Monica Dickens;
"Middlemarch", George Eliot;
"Stamping, Shouting and Singing Home", Lisa Evans;
"Walking Through Seaweed", Ian Hamilton Finlay;
"The Virtuous Burgler", Dario Fo;
"'Tis Pity She's a Whore", John Ford;
"Alphabetical Order", Michael Frayn;
"My Children, My Africa", Athol Fugard;
"Warrior", Shirley Gee;
"A Proper Little Nooryeff", Leonard Gregory (from the novel by Jean Ure);
"Murmuring Judges", David Hare;
"The Day After the Fair", Frank Harvey (from a short story by Thomas Hardy);
"Beautiful Thing", Jonathan Harvey;
"The Children's Hour", Lillian Hellman;
"The Wakefield Mysteries", Adrian Henri;
"The Silver Sword", Stuart Henson (from the novel by Ian Serraillier);
"Across Oka", Robert Holman;
"The Constant Nymph", Margaret Kennedy and Basil Dean;
"My Sister in this House", Wendy Kesselman;
"Wait Until Dark", Frederick Knott;
"Tartuffe", Moliere;
"Two Weeks with the Queen", Mary Morris (from the novel by Morris Gleitzman);
"A Game of Soldiers", Jan Needle;
"The Goalkeeper's Revenge", Derek Nicholls and Ray Speakman (from the writings of Bill Naughton);
"P'tang Yang, Kipperbang", Jack Rosenthal;
"Blood Brothers", Willy Russell;
"Kindertransport", Diane Samuels;
"St Joan", George Bernard Shaw;
"A Trip to Scarborough", Richard Brinsley Sheridan;
"Journey's End", R.C. Sherriff;
"Rutherford and Son", Githa Sowerby;
"Home", David Storey;
"Spring Awakening", Frank Wedekind;
"Frost in May", Antonia White;
"Effie's Burning", Valerie Windsor.
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