Managing the Secondary School

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November 1993



This new edition of Managing the Secondary School brings up to date the consideration of the talks and skills of the headtecher which was a feature of the first edition. The book deals with all aspects of the headteachers' role including marketing the school and managing the budget. It also deals in some detail with the problems of managing change and with the role of governors and parents in today's schools. Throughout the book, Joan Dean considers the implications of the Education Reform Act and the National Cucciculum. Managing the Secondary School is essential reading for practising and aspiring headteachers of secondary schools. It will also appeal to school governors, to advisers, inspectors and consultants working with secondary schools and to those concerned with the appraisal and training of headteachers.


Contents 1. Leadership and management 2. Aims, objectives and policies 3. The school development plan 4. Students 5. The curriculum 6. Organising learning 7. The management of change 8. Marketing the school 9. School administration 10. Pastoral care and discipline 11. Managing people 12. Inter-personal skills 13. Communication 14. Staff selection and staff development 15. School and community 16. Evaluation 17. Personal organisation References
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