Migrations and Cultures: A World View

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Februar 1997



Most commentators look at the issue of immigration from the viewpoint of immediate politics. In doing so, they focus on only a piece of the issue and lose touch with the larger picture. In "Migrations and Cultures", Thomas Sowell shows the persistence of cultural traits in particular racial and ethnic groups and the role these groups' relocations play in redistributing skills, knowledge, and other forms of "human capital".


* Migration Patterns * Germans around the World * Japanese around the World * Italians around the World * The Overseas Chinese * Jews of the Diaspora * The Overseas Indians * History and Cultures


Thomas Sowell has taught economics at a number of colleges and universities, including Cornell, University of California Los Angeles, and Amherst. He has published both scholarly and popular articles and books on economics, and is currently a scholar in residence at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.
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