Theories of Modern Art

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Juni 1984



Gathers interviews, articles, letters, and manifestos dealing with Postimpressionism, symbolism, fauvism, Expressionism, and cubism.


GENERAL INTRODUCTION I. POST-IMPRESSIONISM: Individual Paths to Construction and Expression Introduction: The Letters of Cezanne Paul Cezanne: Excerpts from the Letters Introduction: The Lettters of van Gogh Vincent van Gogh: Excerpts from the Letters II. SYMBOLISM AND OTHER SUBJECTIVIST TENDENCIES: Form and the Evocation of Feeling Introduction: Gauguin and Other Subjectivists Paul Gauguin: Synthetist Theories Gauguin: On His Paintings Gauguin: On Primitivism Symbolist Theories III. FAUVISM AND EXPRESSIONISM: The Creative Intuition Introduction by Peter Selz Fauvism Expressionism IV. CUBISM: Form as Expresssion Introduction V. FUTURISM: Dynamism as the Expression of the Modern World Introductoin by Joshua C. Taylor VI. NEOPLASTICISM AND CONSTRUCTIVISM: Abstract and Nonobjective Art Introduction VII. DADA, SURREALISM, AND SCUOLA METAFISICA: The Irrational and the Dream Introduction: Dada and Surrealsism Dada Surrealism Introduction: Scuola Metafisica by Joshua C. Taylor VIII. ART AND POLITICS: The Artist and the Social Order Introduction by Peter Selz IX. CONTEMPORARY ART: The Autonomy of the Work of Art Introduction: The Americans Introduction: The Europeans APPENDIX BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX


"The richest, most thorough and authoritative anthology of theoretical source materials on painting and sculpture since Cezanne."--"San Francisco Chronicle
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