Sociolinguistics and Language Teaching

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November 1995



This text provides an introduction to the field of sociolinguistics for second and foreign language teachers.


PART I LANGUAGE AND SOCIETY; 1 Language Attitudes; 2 Societal Multilingualism;3 World Englishes; 4 Language Planning and Policy PART II LANGUAGE AND VARIATION; 5 Regional and Social Variation; 6 Pidgins and Creoles; 7 Language and Gender; PART III LANGUAGE AND INTERACTION; 8 Ethnographic Microanalysis; 9 Interactional Sociolinguistics; 10 Intercultural Communication; PART IV LANGUAGE AND CULTURE; 11 The Ethnography of Communication; 12 Speech Acts; 13 Literacy and Literacies; PART V LANGUAGE AND EDUCATION; 14 Language and Education


'... like companion volumes in the Cambridge Applied Linguistics series, it is readable without over-simplifying detailed arguments ... One of the aspects I particularly like in this book is the frequent and explicit references to learners and their teachers in specific situations. This ensures accessibility of the information to both the academic and to the classroom teacher, for whom much of the information will be of great use.' VATME Newsletter No 71, 1997
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