Byzantium and the Early Islamic Conquests

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August 2005



This book presents an enquiry into a fundamental historical problem in early Byzantine history: why the Byzantine Empire failed to contain emergent Islam in the new religion's initial years, and in particular how and why the Byzantines first lost Syria, Palestine, Mesopotamia, and Armenia before partial recovery.


Preface; 1. The problem of Byzantium and the early Islamic conquests; 2. The Byzantine Empire in an era of accelerating change; 3. Difficulties in devising defences for Syria; 4. The first Muslim penetrations of Byzantine territory; 5. Early tests in southern Palestine; 6. Problems of cohesion: the battle of Jabiya-Yarmuk reconsidered; 7. The brief struggle to save northern Syria and Byzantine Mesopotamia; 8. Byzantium, Armenia, Armenians, and early Islamic conquests; 9. Controversy and confidence in the seventh-century crisis; 10. Elements of failure and endurance; Bibliography; Index.


'An important contribution to the debate on the Arab Islamic conquests of the eastern Roman provinces in the seventh century.' John Haldon, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society
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