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In over 90 entries, this lucid and accessible dictionary explains technical terms which Wittgenstein introduced into the philosophical debate or transformed substantially, and also topics which play a central role in his work. It delineates Wittgenstein's line of argument, its strength and problems, and sheds light on fundamental exegetical controversies.


Acknowledgements. Notes on the use of this book. System of reference and primary sources. Sketch of an intellectual biography. DICTIONARY ENTRIES. Bibliography of secondary sources. Index.


Hans-Johann Glock is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Reading. He has been Visiting Professor at Queen's University, Ontario and a research fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at Bielefeld University. He is the author ofQuine and Davidson (2003); editor of The Rise of Analytic Philosophy (Blackwell 1997), Wittgenstein: A Critical Reader (Blackwell 2001) Strawson and Kant (2003); and co-editor, with Robert L. Arrington, of Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations (1991) and Wittgenstein and Quine (1996).


'This book is destined to become a standard reference tool in Wittgenstein studies, and an ideal text for student use.' -- Stuart Shanker, York University, Canada
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