Dada and Surrealism

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November 1997



This stimulating introductory survey traces the origins and development of these two revolutionary twentieth-century art movements, exploring the full range of artistic production, including film, photography, collage, painting, graphics and object making. Matthew Gale skilfully places the art within a context of ideas ranging from the disillusionment and questioning of accepted values that resulted from the senseless destruction of World War I to the use of the creative forces of the unconscious to undermine convention.


Introduction - "On the Threshold of Liberty"; "Merdre" - Dada's roots in the avant-garde; "Dada's Balcony" - Zurich Dada; "To be looked at, from the other side" - Dada in neutral cities; "Whoever lives for the day, lives forever" - Dada in Central Europe; "Dada stirs up everything" - Dada in Paris; "A Wave of Dreams" - beginnings of Surrealism; "The Accommodations of Desire" - Surrealism in crisis; "The Call of the Night" - internationalism; "Fabulous Race-Track of Death" - exile; "The Breach" - postwar Surrealism.


Matthew Gale, a specialist in twentieth-century art, is a curator at Tate, London.


'Anyone who wants to get their bearings in Duchamp and Dali's worlds should read Matthew Gale's Dada & Surrealism. Gale provides an extremely clear, up-to-date and thorough account of all the movements' different strands around the world. One of the main pleasures of the book is the quantity and range of colour illustrations. Gale's book should become the standard general survey.' (Independent) 'Art & Ideas has broken new ground in making accessible authoritative views on periods, movements and concepts in art. As a series it represents a real advance in publishing.' (Sir Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate London) 'The format is wonderful and offers what had long been missing in academic studies: usable manuals for specific themes or periods...I am definitely not alone in welcoming Art & Ideas as a precious set of teaching tools.' (Joachim Pissarro, Yale University)
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