Alvar Aalto

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September 1997



Internationally renowned as one of the major achievements of modern architecture, the work of Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) is deeply rooted in the culture and landscape of his native Finland. Throughout a long and fertile career his work embraced almost all the key public institutions as well as social housing and private dwellings. This monographs places Aalto clearly in the context of both international Modernism and Finnish culture, and explores his key inspirations and the complete range of his work, from the Paimio Sanatorium to the Congress Centre in Helsinki.


Finland - landscape, architecture and national identity; a classical education; from classicism to functionalism; nature and culture; dwelling in the modern world; the sense of place; the individual and the institution; building in the city; the academic campus; the centre of the town; sacred space; places of public assembly; conclusion - an architecture of democracy.


Richard Weston is an architect, teacher and writer. Formerly head of the University of Portsmouth School of Architecture, he has also taught at De Montfort University and the Welsh School of Architecture.


'A handsome tome, well backed up with as many architect's drawings as you are likely to get today and exquisite photographs that bring Alvar Aalto's magic right into your lap.' (Architects' Journal) 'This award-winning book is essential for anyone interested in modern architecture.' (Theme)
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