The Culture of Craft

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Mai 1997



What role does the craftsman play on the professional life of the designer? Is the craft of design threatened with deskilling by technology? These are among the questions discussed in this collection of essays about the relevance and place of handcraft in the late 20th century.


Introduction: the salon de refuse?, Peter Dormer. Part 1 The status of craft: the history of craft, Paul Greenhalgh; how strange the change from major to minor, T.A. Heslop; craft and art, culture and biology, Bruce Metcalf; craft within a consuming society, Gloria Hickey; the progress of Captain Ludd, Paul Greenhalgh. Part 2 The challenge of technology: patterns of making, Helen Rees; craft and the Turing test for practical thinking, Peter Dormer; CAD/CAM and the British ceramic industry, Neal French; textiles and technology, Peter Dormer; tornadoes, T-shirts and technology, Jeremy Myerson. Part 3 Writing about the crafts: writing about the crafts, Rosemary Hill; writing about objects we don't understand, Jonathan Meuli; the language and practical philosophy of craft, Peter Dormer.
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