A Good Walk Spoiled

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Juli 1996



William Hill Sports Book of the Year


John Feinstein has written for Sports Illustrated, The Washington Post, Sporting News and is also an acclaimed author.


The golf book of the season...his dissection of the pressures of life where the cost oe one fluffed shot can be counted in tens of thousands of dollars will provide a salutary check to the dreams of a legion of club golfers. SUNDAY TELEGRAPH Feinstein is a brilliant reporter, a remorseless digger for information with a gift for establishing affinities with golfers reputedly reluctant to bare their souls. Ian Wooldride in THE GUARDIAN Excellent. DAILY TELEGRAPH A sparkling account... If you only read one sports book a year, this is the one. THE ECONOMIST
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Untertitel: Days and Nights on the PGA Tour. Section: 16, B&W. Sprache: Englisch.
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