Fiberglass Repair and Construction Handbook

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August 1988



Step-by-step instructions cover everything from safety precautions to materials selection to the final lamination process. Practice exercises offer hands-on experience for with glass cloth, mat, core materials, and resins. Information is provided on molding, structural concepts, and the caring for cured fiberglass. There is even a list of suppliers, repair techniques for materials other than fiberglass, and a complete section on covering wood with fiberglass.
Reviewers praise the first edition:
.."."provides an excellent introduction to working with fiberglass for new construction and for repairs."" -- Finescale Modeler
""A good general reference for persons starting to work with fiberglass reinforced plastics...worth having."" -- Road & Track
"Readers learn how to mend everything from bathtubs to swimming pools, to rustproof and customize cars, and much more."" -- Antique Motor News
.."."an indispensable book..."" -- Ohio Fisherman
.."."excellent text for anyone contemplating fiberglass work of any magnatude."" -- Book Reviews
.."."describes the strength, durability and lightness of fiberglass, while exploring a great many of its astonishing number of applications."" -- Wright Publishing Co.


<H4>INTRODUCTION<H3>Chapter 1: Fiberglass Facts<H3>Chapter 2: Materials<H3>Chapter 3: Tools, Equipment, Supplies, and Work Areas<H3>Chapter 4: Health and Safety<H3>Chapter 5: Care and Maintenance of Fiberglass<H3>Chapter 6: Working with Cured Fiberglass<H3>Chapter 7: Fundamentals of Fiberglassing<H3>Chapter 8: Molding Methods in Manufacturing<H3>Chapter 9: Structural and Assembly Concepts and Practices<H3>Chapter 10: Repairing Fiberglass<H3>Chapter 11: Repairing Other Materials with Fiberglass<H3>Chapter 12: Covering Wood with Fiberlgass<H3>Chapter 13: Auto Body Repair and Customizing<H3>Chapter 14: Fiberglass Products to Kit Form<H3>Chapter 15: Construction Projects Using Flat Panels<H3>Chapter 16: Fiberglass Laminating Over Rigid Form<H3>Chapter 17: Construction Projects Using Contact Molding<H4>APPENDIX: SUPPLIERS<H4>GLOSSARY<H4>INDEX


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