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The author overviews the theological and spiritual background of the sacrament of reconciliation, and offers practical suggestions for the practice of hearing and making a confession.


Chapter 1 The Power to Forgive Chapter 2 The Sacrament of Reconciliation Chapter 3 Understanding Conversion Chapter 4 Preparing Your First Confession Chapter 5 Making Your First Confession Part 6 Appendix A Chapter 7 Some Guidelines for Meditation on Scripture Passages Part 8 Appendix B Chapter 9 A Brief History of the Rite of Reconciliation


MARTIN L. SMITH is an Episcopal priest and the author of The Word Is Very Near You.


Martin Smith . . . has written a theologically sensitive and personally insightful book addressed primarily to those who wish to make use of this new rite (in either of its two forms) and who desire to receive the forgiveness of God not just as a general truth or a vague promise, but personally, immediately, in actual experience (p.1). His aim, then, is to assist the penitent in preparing for his or her first sacramental confession. It is surely also a valuable guide for those who regularly or on occasion hear confessions as well as for those who regularly or on occasion make their confessions. For each of these, the book is a rich resource, one that leads the reader into a deeper understanding of the theology of reconciliation and of the nature of God s forgiving love. . . . Two appendices . . . are useful additions to Smith s timely and discerning book. It is a book that provides a rich resource for the deepening of one s understanding of Christian faith and life.--Donald F. Winslow, Episcopal Divinity School
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