The New Patterns in the Sky

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Januar 1988



Provides astronomical data on the constellations and relates myths and legends associated with each one.


Julius D W Staal was born in Batavia, Netherlands East Indies, in 1917 and began his work in planetariums in The Hague, Netherlands. He left the Netherlands during World War II, became a British citizen, worked in the London Planetarium, and was accepted as a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, London. In 1960, he joined the staff of the Planetarium of Witswatersrand and the faculty of the University of Rhodesia. Subsequent travels took him back to England, then to the United States, where he open planetariums in New Orleans, Louisiana; Atlanta, Georgia; and Decatur, Georgia. He passed away in July, 1986.
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Untertitel: Myths and Legends of the Stars. b/w illus. Sprache: Englisch.
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