The Berbers

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The Berber-speaking peoples are regarded as the indigenous tribes of North Africa. This comprehensive overview draws on a wide range of sources, from archaeology and history to anthropology and literature, to show these disparate and segmentary peoples in their immediate social environments and how they retained a separate identity among more dominant cultures. 43 plates. 55 drawings. 2 maps. 320 pp.


List of Plates. List of Figures. List of Maps. Series Editors' Preface. Preface. Introduction. 1. Berbers in Antiquity. 2. The Empire and the Other: Romans and Berbers. 3. The Unification of North Africa by Islam. 4. The Arabization of North Africa. 5. The Wheel of State. 6. Pastoral Berbers: Nomads, Slaves and Saints. 7. The Society and its Habitat. 8. Berbers and Berberism. Notes. Bibliography. Index.


Michael Brett is Lecturer in African History at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University.Elizabeth Fentress was formerly a Consultant Archaeologist for UNESCO and has excavated extensively in North Africa. She is currently Mellon Professor of the American Academy in Rome.


"Brett and Fentress have produced a remarkable study of the Berber-speaking peoples of North Africa that is both scholarly and highly readable." American Journal of Archaeology. "Fentress and Brett combine their efforts to produce a well-rounded history of the Berbers ... a solid introduction for English-speaking students at all levels." CHOICE. 'Here at long last is a decent and thoroughly worthwhile general book on Berbers.' Journal of North African Studies
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