Quantum Teaching: Orchestrating Student Success

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"Quantum Teaching" shows teachers how to orchestrate their students' success by taking into account "everything" in the classroom along with the environment, the design of the curriculum, and how it's presented. The result: a highly-effective way to teach anything to anybody!Available as an illustrated how-to book that bridges the gap between theory and practice and that covers today's hottest topics, like multiple intelligences, this book provides specific, easy-to-follow guidelines for creating more-effective learning environments, better ways to design curricula, and more interesting ways to deliver content and facilitate the learning process. Designed and written as an interactive tool, "Quantum Teaching" includes lesson planning guidelines to help teachers cover all the bases, without having to culminate different theories or refer to different source materials. A reproducible lesson planning guide makes it easy to start implementing new strategies immediately.


1.Welcome to the World of Quantum Teaching!
I.ORCHESTRATING SUCCESS THROUGH CONTEXT. 2.Orchestrating an Empowering Atmosphere.
The Hidden Power of Intention.Rapport.Joy and Wonder.Risk-Taking.Belonging.Modeling.3.Orchestrating a Strong Foundation.
Purpose.Principles.Beliefs about Learners, Learning, and Teaching.Agreements, Policies, Procedures, and Rules.Keeping the Community Going (and Growing).4.Orchestrating a Supportive Environment.
Peripherals.Props.Seating.Plants, Aroma, Pets and Other â Organicâ Elements.Music and Learning.5.Orchestrating Dynamic Design.
From Their World to Our World.Modalities V-A-K.The Success Model from the Designer's Viewpoint.EEL Dr. C, The Quantum Teaching Design Frame.The Multiple Intelligences Meet SLIM-n-BIL.Metaphor, Imagery and Suggestion.II.ORCHESTRATING SUCCESS THROUGH CONTENT. 6.Orchestrating Powerful Presentation.
Are You a Quantum Teacher?Modality Matching.Four Principles of Powerful Communication.The Impact of Non-Verbal Communication.Effective Presentation Packages.Anchoring.7.Orchestrating Elegant Facilitation.
Remember the KEG.Success Model: From the Facilitator's Viewpoint.Read Your Audience.Influence Behavior through Action.Elicit Thinking Strategies.Debriefing Moments of Learning.8.Orchestrating Learning-to-Learn Skills.
A Case Study.Tapping into Learning Styles.Powerful States for Learning.Organizing Information.Tapping Creative Genius.9.Orchestrating Life Skills.
Living Above the Line.Clear Communication: Visible vs. Invisible.Building Relationships with Affinity.10.Orchestrating Success through Implementation.
Chapter Highlights.The Morning After.Seize the Opportunity.Tools, Props, Music and Fun.
Resources.Recommended Reading.Bibliography.Index.About the Authors.


Bobbi DePorter, author of the best-selling books Quantum Learning and Quantum Business, is founder and president of Learning Forum, which has helped over 25,000 students of all ages. Mark Reardon, a former teacher and principal, is an internationally recognized lead facilitator for Learning Forum. Sarah Singer-Nouri is an award-winning teacher and trainer.
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