The Act of Marriage

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Februar 1998



This updated and expanded edition expands some of the subjects that were discreetly touched on in the earlier edition, explores how the latest discoveries in the field of medicine and social practice confirm the principles taught in the book.


Contents Acknowledgments Introduction
1. The Sanctity of Sex
2. What Lovemaking Means to a Man
3. What Lovemaking Means to a Woman
4. Why God Created Sex
5. Sex Education
6. The Art of Lovemaking
7. For Men Only
8. For Women Only
9. The Unfulfilled Woman
10. The Key to Feminine Response
11. The Impotent Man
12. Sane Family Planning
13. Sex Survey Report
14. The Missing Dimension
15.Practical Answers to Common Questions Bibliography


Beverly LaHaye (www.cwfa.org) is the best-selling author of (with Terri Blackstock) Seasons Under Heaven, Showers in Season, Times and Seasons, and The Act of Marriage (with her husband, Tim). She is the founder and chairwoman of Concerned Women for America and shares a daily devotional commentary on the nationally syndicated radio show Concerned Women Today. She and her husband live in southern California. Tim LaHaye, D.Min., Litt.D., is a noted author, minister, educator, and nationally recognized speaker on Bible prophecy. He is president of Tim LaHaye Ministries (www.timlahaye.com) and founder of the Pre Trib Research Center. He has written over forty books, including The Act of Marriage and The Act of Marriage After 40 (both with Beverly LaHaye), How to Win Over Depression, Spirit-Controlled Temperament, and the best-selling Left Behind fiction series (with Jerry B. Jenkins). Tim and his wife, Beverly, live in southern California.
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