Land Mosaics

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November 1995



An analysis and synthesis of the ecology of heterogeneous land areas.


PART I. LANDSCAPES AND REGIONS: 1. Foundations; PART Ii. PATCHES: 2. Patch size and number; 3. Boundaries and edges; 4. Patch shape; Part III. CORRIDORS: 5. Corridor attributes, roads and powerlines; 6. Windbreaks, hedges and woodland corridors; 7. Stream and river corridors; 8. Networks and the matrix; Part IV. Mosaics and Flows: 9. Configurations and mosaics; 10. Wind and water flows in mosaics; 11. Species movements in mosaics; Part V. Changing Mosaics: 12. Land transformation and fragmentation; 13. Land planning and management; 14. Creating sustainable environments.


' ... well-produced, with plenty of plates and specially drawn diagrams to illustrate specific points in the text ... covers a wide range of material drawn from a number of different disciplines ... particularly valuable reading for those involved with planning, especially at the broad scale.' Pam Berry, Progress in Physical Geography 'The book is full of ideas, principles and applications and is presented in a very readable and enjoyable way, with lively pictures and diagrams throughout.' Elizabeth A. Gardiner, Environmental Education and Information ' ... offers a 'state of the art' discussion of the ecological theory.' Tree '... a welcome addition to the therapeutic understanding of two of society's major contemporary problems.' Ivor Felstein, Doctor ' ... a good introduction as well as a scientific review of the new disciplines of landscape ecology ... an appealing and highly readable text on this major emerging field. I recommend it for both the experienced researcher and the student who is being exposed for the first time to concepts related to landscape ecology.' Dazhong Wen, Journal of Environmental Quality 'Its sheer scope is bound to make it a classic text.' TEG News ' ... provides a good introduction as well as a scientific review of the new disciplines of landscape ecology. This is an appealing and highly readable text.' Dazhong Wen, Environmental Quality
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