Fifty Professional Scenes for Student Actors

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Oktober 1997



Winning short scenes for auditions and competitions. This book is designed for professional actors seeking roles in TV shows, commercials and stage productions, but may be used by student performers who wish to work at a professional level. Actors have been using these same scenes to win roles at Los Angeles and New York TV and film studios. Students in acting classes have been using them to advance their acting experience. The book is divided into two categories of scenes: Comedy and Drama. Most scenes are generic, easily adaptable for use by male or female actors. Emphasis is on believable characterization, no cartoon types. Sample scenes Include: The Roommate, The Shrink, The Set-Up, The Break-In, The Hereafter, The Sitcom. The Accident, The Suspect. The Deal, The End.


Garry Michael Kluger
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Untertitel: A Collection of Short Two-Person Scenes. black & white illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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Erscheinungsdatum: Oktober 1997
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