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Written with both the beginner and experienced modeller in mind, this book is a complete and comprehensive guide to radio controlled model aircrafts. lit is a logical book that covers wevery aspect from how to choose the fight model, engine and R/C, how to build a basic trainer model with useful information on materials and construction.A significant part of the book deals with learning to fly, and covers essential, advanced and aerobatic maneuvers. Separate chapters examine specialist areas such as electric flight, gliders, autogyros, hellicopters, pylon racing, ducted fans and turbojets. This lavishly illustrated book examines every aspect of radio control modelling.


Getting Started. What You Need To Know. Basic Materials. Building Your Model. Finishing the Model. Radio Equipment. Connecting the Controls. Providing the Power. Electric Flight. What to Build. Building the Hi-Boy and the Cub. Preparing to get Airborne. Airborne at Last. Once You're Solo. Getting More Advanced. Gliders. Autogyros and Helicopters. Bibliography. Specialist Organisations. Glossary of Terms.


Alex Weiss has been aeromodelling for half a century and has built more than fifty radio-controlled models of which 28 were original designs and 14 were published in RCM&E or Radio Modeller magazines. As well as monoplanes and a biplane, the list includes an autogyro, canards and deltas. He has also written magazine articles on subjects as diverse as four stroke engines and flutter. The author first went solo in a Chipmunk with his University Air Squadron at Tangmere and his early adult life was spent as an RAF pilot, flying Jet Provosts, Vampires and Hunters, including three years as a qualified flying instructor. Much of his professional experience has been dedicated to the complex subject of teaching people to fly radio controlled models.
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Untertitel: All About Radio Controlled Model Aircraft. 216 black and white photographs; 160 scale plans and line drawings; 19 cartoons; 20 tables of data. Sprache: Englisch.
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