Frontier Indiana

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August 1998



Frontier Indiana
Andrew R. L.Cayton
"The research and scholarship that went into the workare excellent; so good, in fact, that the book should be on the required text listfor all Transappalachian frontier courses." --History
Cayton's lively new history of the frontier period inIndiana puts the focus on people, on how they lived, how they viewed their world, and what motivated them. Here are the stories of Sieur de Vincennes, John FrancisHamtramck, Little Turtle, Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison, Tenskwatawa, Calvin Fletcher-- along with many more familiar (and not so familiar) early Hoosiers.
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A History of theTrans-Appalachian Frontier
1996; 360 pages, 20 b&w photos, 2 maps, index, 6 x 9
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Foreword by Walter Nugent and Malcolm J. Rohrbough 1. The World of the Miami, 1700-1754 2. The World of George Croghan, 1750-1777 3. The Village of Vincennes, 1765-1777 4. The World of George Rogers Clark, 1778-1787 5. The World of Josiah Harmar and John Francis Hamtramck, 1787-1790 6. The World of Little Turtle, 1790-1795 7. The World of Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison, 1795-1810 8. The World of Tenskwatawa, 1795-1811 9. The World of Jonathan Jennings, 1800-1816 10. The End of the Frontier, 1816-1850 Epilogue: OThis Country of LibertyO Acknowledgments Essay on Sources Index


Cayton's graceful, arresting narrative is grounded in primary and secondary sources, including classics by Emma Lou Thornbrough and Bernard Knollenberg, James Madison's The Indiana Way (CH, Jan'87), and new studies from such scholars as Richard White and Gregory Evans Dowd. Spanning 1700--1850 in ten chapters and an epilogue, Cayton's first-rate study interprets the successive worlds of the Miami (1700--1754), then of individuals whose experiences epitomized unfolding chapters of Indiana frontier history. With a keen ear for the revealing anecdote and apt quotation, the author treats the world of George Croghan (1750--1777); the village of Vincennes (1765--1777); the milieus of George Rogers Clark (1778--1787), Josiah Harmar, and John Francis Hamtramck (1787--1790); Little Turtle (1790--1795); Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison (wife of William Henry Harrison, 1795--1810); Tenskwatawa (1795--1811); Jonathan Jennings (1800--1816); and the end of the frontier (1816--1850). Along the way readers discover figures such as John and William Conner, the early rivalry between Centerville and Richmond, an explanation of why Indiana remained a state of small towns and farms until the latter half of the 20th century, and the basis for understanding one of the more interesting states of the Union. Fine illustrations, maps. All levels.D. W./P>--D. W. Steeples, Mercer University"Choice" (01/01/1997)
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