Grandeur and Misery: France's Bid for Power in Europe 1914-1940

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November 1995



Recent studies have challenged the view of fundamental French weakness in 1940 and , for the first time, the revisionist approach is displayed in a single volume, both summarizing the research of others and drawing on the author's own work in the archives.


Anthony Adamthwaite is Professor of History at the University of California, Berkeley, USA.


'Adamthwaite skillfully mixes narrative with analysis, and integrates diplomatic history with political, economic, social, cultural and individual influences that ultimately shaped foreign relations. An excellent addition to undergraduate collections.' Choice 'Here is a responsible but absorbing account of a troubled moment in French history. This book richly deserves the broad readership which it seeks.' The Historian 'There are delightful pen portraits of politicians and diplomats such as Briand, Laval, Leger and Berthelot, and a gift for the witty phrase that makes the book a pleasure to read.' Military and Naval History Journal
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