Programming for Everyone in Java

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August 2000



This book assumes very little or no knowledge of how computers work, and shows how to write understandable programs in Java. Even though most readers will not wish to become professional programmers, programming is fun and useful, and, in today's world it is important for professionals in any field to appreciate what computers can (and cannot) do well. To reach this level of understanding, Per Brinch Hansen goes beyond the routine skills of a computer user and explains the art of programming in some depth, allowing readers to write Java programs for use on the WWW or company's Intranet. Although a book about programming with Java, the same methods can be used for systematic programming in such languages as C, Fortran, and Pascal. The book makes a splendid text for a one semester course on beginning programming and is backed by teaching aids available at the author's Website. This is a book about computer programming for everyone: artist, poet, student, doctor, accountant, or engineer. This book will show students how to write understandable computer programs in Java. While emphasizing general principles of programming this book: - uses examples from the humanities only, requiring no math or engineering knowledge -explains all programming concepts by means of complete programs -concentrates on exercises solved by writing complete programs -takes the reader from text input/output to object-oriented programming in the equivalent of a one semester class. -gives the reader a solid background for follow-on courses on the graphics and networking facilities of Java. This book is a sound and complete introduction to programming. Although the book uses Java, the same methods can be used for systematic programming in other languages, such as C, Fortran, and Pascal.


1 Simple Programs.- 1.1 How Computers Work.- 1.2 The First Program.- 1.3 Input/Output.- 1.4 Keywords and Names.- 1.5 Variables and Types.- 1.6 More Input/Output.- 1.7 Programming Exercises.- 2 Simple Choice.- 2.1 If Statements.- 2.2 String Comparison.- 2.3 The Type Boolean.- 2.4 Structured Statements.- 2.5 The Empty Statement.- 2.6 Boolean Input/Output.- 2.7 Program Assertions.- 2.8 Java Pitfalls.- 2.9 Programming Exercises.- 3 Multiple Choice.- 3.1 Switch Statements.- 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 Program Testing.- 3.3 Random Choice.- 3.4 Programming Style.- 3.5 Java Pitfalls.- 3.6 Programming Exercises.- 4 Simple Repetition.- 4.1 For Statements.- 4.2 Nested Repetition.- 4.3 Stepwise Programming.- 4.4 Programming Exercises.- 5 Unbounded Repetition.- 5.1 While Statements.- 5.2 More Stepwise Programming.- 5.3 Blocks and Scope.- 5.4 For Statements Revisited.- 5.5 Programming Exercises.- 6 Text Files.- 6.1 Sequential Files.- 6.2 Reading a File.- 6.3 Writing a File.- 6.4 Copying a File.- 6.5 Data Extraction.- 6.6 Data Conversion.- 6.7 Syntax-Directed Programming.- 6.8 Programming Exercises.- 7 Simple Arrays.- 7.1 The Purpose of Arrays.- 7.2 Text Analysis.- 7.3 Java Pitfalls.- 7.4 Programming Exercises.- 8 Matrices.- 8.1 Rectangular Matrices.- 8.2 Square Matrices.- 8.3 Programming Exercises.- 9 Methods.- 9.1 Program Composition.- 9.2 Simple Functions.- 9.3 Simple Procedures.- 9.4 Parsing Methods.- 9.5 Array Parameters.- 9.6 Scope Rules of Methods.- 9.7 Array Functions.- 9.8 Abstraction.- 9.9 Advantages of Methods.- 9.10 Java Pitfalls.- 9.11 Programming Exercises.- 10 Recursion.- 10.1 Recursive Methods.- 10.2 Mutual Recursion.- 10.3 Programming Exercises.- 11 Classes.- 11.1 The Class Concept.- 11.2 Data Structures.- 11.3 Class Hierarchies.- 11.4 The Traveling Salesperson.- 11.5 Final Remarks.- 11.6 Java Pitfalls.- 11.7 Programming Exercises.- Appendix A Java Text Program.- A.1 Installing the Text Program.- A.2 The Basic Class.- A.3 The Output Class.- A.4 The Input Class.- A.5 The Random Class.- Appendix B Sample Class Schedule.- References.
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