The 20th-century Art Book

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Presenting a new and original way of bringing art alive, this mini edition offers a gallery of 500 artists and their works plus a jargon-free Glossary of artistic terms and an international directory of museums and galleries. 500 color illustrations.


'this superbly illustrated, alphabetically arranged celebration of 500 modern artists is a model of its kind.' The Times 'As coffee table art books go, this is king ... It will certainly become a standard reference book...' The Herald 'it's a must for every bookshop in the country - but the price and format make it even more irresistible.' Bookseller 'the luck of the draw keeps its fascination throughout.' New York Times 'the price tag of this extensive, thick volume represents a real bargain in the art world...' Midwest Book Review
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Untertitel: New ed. 500 colour illustrations, glossaries, directory. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Phaidon Press Ltd
Erscheinungsdatum: März 1999
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