A Winter of Spies

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August 1998



Sarah becomes involved in spying for Michael Collins during the War of Independence.


Gerard Whelan was born in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, and has lived and worked in several European countries. After some time living in Dublin, he has returned to live in his native Wexford. He is the author of many books for children and a multiple award-winner. His first novel, The Guns of Easter, won the Eilis Dillon Memorial Award for first-time writers. Dream Invader later won the Bisto Book of the Year Award. He has also been shortlisted for the Reading Association of Ireland awards. Gerard is also the author of A Winter of Spies and Out of Nowhere.


'excellent, a good story related straight as good stories deserve, enjoyable at any age' -- Books Ireland Books Ireland 'thrilling ... adventures set against a completely realised period city, and Sarah is a terrific heroine' -- RTE Guide RTE Guide 'The picture of a city and a period characterised by duplicity and deception is excellently portrayed, as is Sarah herself, a remarkable feisty creation' -- The Irish Times The Irish Times 'An exciting adventure ... a story which will linger in the mind' -- Best Books
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