Fencing Steps to Success

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November 2001



Covers all the essential fencing skills for foil and epee, in a progressive manner that maximizes learning. The text should serve as a good training guide for less experienced fencers and as a valuable refreence for instructors of this growing sport.


Having competed in national and international fencing competitions for two decades, Elaine Cheris stands as one of the all-time great U.S. fencers. Also well known as an instructor and administrator, she owns and operates the Cheyenne Fencing and Modern Pentathlon Center, where she has instructed many notable students, including pop music star Jimmy Buffett. She also has been the chairperson for two World Championships (1989 senior, 1993 Under-20 and Under-17) and the Coach of the Junior World Team. Cheris was the #1 ranked fencer in the United States in 2000 and the highest-ranking American internationally 1998-1999. She is a three-time Olympian (1980, 1988, 1996), a member of various teams including the 1988 women's foil team, the 1996 Atlanta women's epee team, the 1987 Pan American Games gold medal women's foil team, and the gold medal women's epee team in 1991. Cheris was also a member of the U.S. World Championships team in epee six times (1990-1994, 1998) and in foil three times (1982, 1985, 1987). She graduated from Troy State University in 1970 with a degree in Physical Education/Psychology. She resides in Denver, Colorado.


"I am very impressed. This is a very good do-it-yourself book for beginners who lack the assistance of a coach. The basics are sound; the training program should improve even an experienced fencer. I am going to use a few of the training tips myself!"
Abrahamson Goran
Member of the technical commission, International Fencing Federation
Vice President, Swedish Fencing Federation
Silver and bronze world championship veteran (1997, 1998) "A valuable manual both for the individual learning fencing and to stimulate and help coaches. Elaine Cheris draws on her experience as both a coach and Olympic competitor. The combination encourages this book will be of great service to those seriously wanting to fence."
Peter Jacobs
Secretary/ Treasurer and member of Executive Committee of the International Fencing Federation "A refreshing introduction to the sport and pastime of fencing. The book compares fencing with various sports and activities to help understand the exercises. It will help young instructors willing to embark on a unique form of coaching, teaching, and training. It stresses mobility of hands and feet and points to the importance of balance at all times. Generally, I would say we look at a democratization of fencing."
Carl Schwende
Vice President of Honor and member of Executive Committee of the International Fencing Federation
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