The Great Little Pumpkin Cookbook

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April 1999



Pumpkins are one of those few versatile vegetables that can do it all -- soups, salads, starters, side dishes, dinners, and desserts. Make it sweet or make it savory, this native American makes any meal a little more festive. And Michael Krondl offers a staggering selection of choices, from the traditionally familiar to the exotically ethnic. This globe-trotting gourd pops up in a surprising number of far-flung cuisines with recipes hailing from Mexico, North Africa, Spain, Greece, Italy, East Africa, France, and India. Of course, the all-American classics also come to the table, plus there's an entire chapter devoted to exclusively to pies. We couldn't bear to cut any recipes so this packed little volume is a full signature longer than any of our other die-cut cookbooks. So why wait for Halloween? Start enjoying the luscious legacy of the peripatetic pumpkin right now!

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