The Go-Go Years: The Drama and Crashing Finale of Wall Street's Bullish 60s

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September 1999



Praise for The Go-Go Years "Those for whom the stock market is mostly a spectator sport will relish the book's verve, color, and memorable one-liners."?New York Review of Books "Please don?t take The Go-Go Years too much for granted: as effortlessly as it seems to fly, it is nonetheless an unusually complex and thoughtful work of social history." ?New York Times "Brooks's great contribution is his synthesis of all the elements that made the 1960s the most volatile in Wall Street history . . . and making so much material easily digestible for the uninitiated."?Publishers Weekly "Brooks . . . is about the only writer around who combines a thorough knowledge of finance with the ability to perceive behind the dance of numbers ?high, pure, moral melodrama on the themes of possession, domination, and belonging.?" ?Time


Climax: The Day Henry Ross Perot Lost $450 Million; Fair Exchange: The Year the Amex Delisted the Old Guard Romans; The Last Gatsby: Recessional for Edward M. Gilbert; Palmy Days and Low Rumblings: Early Warnings Along Wall Street; Northern Exposure: Early Warnings Along Bay Street; The Birth of Go-Go: The Rise of a Proper Chinese Bostonian; The Conglomerateurs: Corporate Chutzpah and Creative Accounting; The Enormous Back Room: Drugs, Fails, and Chaos Among the Clerks; Go-Go at High Noon: The View from Trinity Church; Confrontation: Steinberg/Leasco vs. Renchard/Chemical Bank; Revelry Before Waterloo: The Time of the Great Garbage Market; The 1970 Crash: To the Edge of the Abyss; Saving Graces: The Invisible Samaritans of Wall Street; The Go-Go Years; Notes on Sources; Index.


JOHN BROOKS was an award-winning "New Yorker" staff writer and author of several critically acclaimed explorations of business and Wall Street, including "Once in Golconda" (a Wiley Investment Classic), "The Games Players," "Business Adventures," and "The Fate of the Edsel."
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