Mies Van Der Rohe at Work

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September 1999



A classic monograph by the master architect's long-time collaborator.


Structural and spatial concepts; three projects - introduction; glass skyscraper; concrete office building; brick country house; two seminal buildings - introduction; Barcelona Pavilion; Tugendhat House; projects 1931-8 - introduction; court houses; Resor House; Brussels Pavilion; structural and special concepts - summary; three building types - introduction; high-rise skeleton frame buildings - introduction; office buildings; apartment buildings; three skin solutions; scale; 860 Lake Shore Drive apartments; Commonwealth Promenade Apartments; Colonnade Apartments; Seagram Building; Toronto Dominion Bank Tower; US Courthouse and Federal Office Building; low-rise skeleton frame buildings - introduction; Metallurgical and Chemical Engineering Building at IIT; the Commons at IIT; library and administration building; clear span buildings - introduction; Farnsworth House; Crown Hall at IIT; National Theatre, Mannheim; New National Gallery, Berlin; Convention Hall; structure, materials and detailing; three building types - summary; urban spaces; Illinois Institute of Technology - a campus in the city; 860 Lake Shore Apartments; Lafayette Park; Seagram Building; Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Des Moines; Chicago Federal Center; Toronto-Dominion Center; Westmount Square; a new city square and office tower in the city of London; Plaza detailing; landscaping; urban spaces - summary; education of architects.




Peter Carter is an architect now living in London. In 1958 he joined Mies van der Rohe's office after studying with him in Chicago. He continued to work with Mies for 13 years and became an associate in the firm.


'One of the very few certainties in life is that the best books are out of print! When, as now with Peter Carter's Mies van der Rohe at Work, the situation is remedied by reprinting (with a fresh preface by Phyllis Lambert), it is a cause for celebration...splendid illustrations...an authoritative work of reference for students of architecture, practitioners, art historians and the enthusiastic amateur.' (Lord Palumbo [nb previous owner of Farnsworth House, designed by Mies van der Rohe], The Architect's Journal)
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