Buried Cities, Forgotten Gods: William Niven's Life of Discovery and Revolution in Mexico and the American Southwest

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Juli 1999



"I will go no further", William Niven's Indian guide declared. "Beyond on every ridge, as far as you can see is all a part of one great City of the Dead . . . the gods will permit no man to go further and from here I return".Niven, however, did continue on and discovered a remarkable expanse of ruins in the rugged state of Guerrero along Mexico's western coast. His photographs, letters, diaries, and newspaper accounts are now the only source of information on many sites that were later destroyed by grave robbers, neglect, and the turmoil of the Mexican Revolution in 1911. Buried Cities, Forgotten Gods is based upon his surviving manuscripts and personal papers.


To America--1865-1879 The Land of Snow and Silver--1879-1889 New York City and Llano County--1886-1889 Unknown Guerrero--1890-1900 Guerrero Uprising-May 1901 The Chilpancingo Earthquake--January 1902 Cacahuamilpa Caves--February 1902 600 Miles through Guerrero with Governor Mora--October 1903 Placeres del Oro--1904-1905 Mother Lode of the Rio del Oro: La Lucha Mine--May-August 1906 The Death of Dr. Nevin--1906-1907 Down the Balsas--1908-1909 Placeres del Oro--June 1910 The Arrest of William A. Niven--May 1911 Atzcapotzalco--1909-1912 Down the Balsas to the Pacific--November-December 1911 Arrest--September 3, 1913 Invasion--May 26, 1914 Charlatan--November 12, 1916 Atzcapotzalco 1919 The Volcano--1920-1921 Mongoloide, Tlachichique, and Tecpaneca--1921 Buried Cities of Mexico--1921-1923 Inscribed Tablets and Partitioned Skulls--1921-1924 Tampico--1924-1926 Ludovic Mann and J.H. Cornyn--1926-1927 The Lost Continent of Mu--1927-1928 Dudley R. Hooper and the Tampico Shuffle--1929-1930 Austin and Atzcapotzalco--1931-1932 The End--1933-1937 Legacy Views of Rural Mexico: A Selection of William Niven's Photographs
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