Texas Constables: A Frontier Heritage

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Oktober 1999



The history and exploits of constables, a large group of peace officers, have remained largely untold. Constables traces in some detail the history of Texas constables, from January 1823 when the first law enforcement officers, two constables, were appointed in Stephen F. Austin's colony, to the present day. In addition, a brief history of the origin of the office in medieval France and England and its role in colonial America is given in an appendix.The book examines the changing duties of the office of constable, compares the role of urban and rural constables, and documents the position the office has in local government as well as law enforcement.


The Spit-Dog of the Treadmill of Government Texas Before Independence, 1820 to 1836 The Republic of Texas, 1836 to 1845 The Lone Star State, 1846 to 1873 The Far West, 1874 to 1900 The Texas Panhandle, 1874 to 1900 Reform and Hard Work, 1900 to 1946 Modern Texas, 1946 to1999
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