American-Built Clipper Ship, 1850-1856: Characteristics, Construction, and Details

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Februar 2000



Long of line, incredibly fleet, with tall, raking masts and clouds of sail, the great Yankee clipper ships stir dreams of romance and adventure. This book, the most important and detailed ever to appear on clipper ships, is the fruit of 35 years of research. Lavishly pictorial, it's a boon to maritime historians, model makers, and dreamers alike.




Lists of American-Built Clipper Ships, 1850 - 1856

Alphabetical List of Vessels

Chronological List of Vessels



Part I Prelude to Building the Ship

Chapter 1 Preparation for Construction

Chapter 2 Woods Used in Construction of the Clippers

Chapter 3 General Characteristics of Clipper Ship Hulls

Chapter 4 Fastenings, Hole Borers, and Fasteners

Chapter 5 Scarphs

Chapter 6 Representative Midship Sections

Part II Construction of the Hull

Chapter 7 Keel Assembly

Chapter 8 Stem and Sternpost Assemblies

Chapter 9 Square Frames and Floors

Chapter 10 Keelson and Deadwood Assemblies

Chapter 11 Half Frames, Cant Frames; Bow and Stern Timbering

Chapter 12 Diagonal Iron Bracing; Hull Stiffening; Hold Ceiling

Chapter 13 Stanchions

Chapter 14 Beams and Knees

Chapter 15 Hooks and Pointers

Chapter 16 Mast Steps, Trusses, and Bracing

Chapter 17 Waterways, Binding Strakes, and Tween-Decks Ceiling

Chapter 18 Planksheer, Rails, and Bulwarks

Chapter 19 Bitts; Hatch Coamings; Deck Planking; Forecastle and Poop Decks

Chapter 20 Salting; Exterior Planking; Headboards; Mouldings

Chapter 21 Cargo Ports; Scuppers; Channels; Rudder

Part III Completion of the Ship

Chapter 22 Metal Sheathing

Chapter 23 Colors of the Ships

Chapter 24 Hull Ornamentation

Chapter 25 Figureheads and Carved Stemheads

Chapter 26 Weather Deck Arrangements

Chapter 27 Fittings and Outfits

Chapter 28 Ship Interiors

Chapter 29 Mast and Spar Arrangements

Chapter 30 Rigging

Chapter 31 Flags and Signals

Chapter 32 Entry into Valhalla: Fate of the Vessels

Chapter 33 Conclusion and Comment




In a real sense, William L. Crothers spent his entire adult life preparing this book. Hired by the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in the early 1930s, he retired after 35 years' service in naval ship design. During his long and productive career he developed the ability to draw extraordinarily crisp and detailed ship plans. And he developed a fascination with the American clipper ship--which he pursued through all the maritime museums in the United States and several in England.
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