Researching Children's Perspectives

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This book addresses the issues and practicalities surrounding the obtaining of children's views, particularly in the research context, takeing a deliberately and explicitly pluralist stance. Its distinctiveness rests on the scrutiny of methodological issues pertaining to the collection of children's views and practical applications.


Section one: Theoretical and conceptual issues
Researching children's perspectives
ethical issues
The United Nations Convention on the rights of the child
giving children a voice
Researching children's perspectives
legal issues
Researching children's perspectives
a psychological dimension
Researching children's perspectives
a sociological dimension
Section two: Practical applications
Children and young people and care proceedings
A matter of life and death
a reflective account of two examples of practitioner research into children's understanding and experience of death and bereavement
The educational self-perception of children with Down syndrome
Research involving children with severe learning difficulties
Let's do it properly
inviting children to be researchers
Researching 8-13 year olds' perspectives on their experience of religion
A 'risky' business
researching the health beliefs of children and young children
Collecting the views of young people with moderate learning difficulties
Falling out of school
a young woman's reflections on her chequered experience of schooling
Section three: Overview


Ann Lewis is a Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Warwick. Her current research includes a study of invidivualism and collectivism in young children, evaluation of ICT based approaches to overcoming reading difficulties and a critique of the concept of special needs pedagogy. She is a chartered psychologist and her recent publications include Primary Special Needs and the National Curriculum (Routledge, 1995) and Children's Understanding of Disability (Routledge, 1995).
Geoff Lindsay is Professor of Special Educational Needs and Educational Psychology at the University of Warwick. He is Director of the Psychology and Special Needs Research Unit and a chartered psychologist. He is currently carrying out research into children with specific speech and language difficulties; baseline assessment of 5 year olds; support services for secondary pupils presenting problem behaviour; and ethical dilemmas of psychologists and psychotherapists. Geoff's recent publications include Values into Practice in Special Education (David Fulton, 1997) and Baseline Assessment: Practice, Problems and Priorities (with Martin Desforges; David Fulton, 1998).


"...a useful grounding for anyone who is involved in research with children, as well as a range of professionals who work wit children and wish to giant their views and opinions." - Penny Slater Journal of Family Studies 20021205
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