Japanese Labour and Management in Transition

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Japanese Management and Labour in Transition explores the changing face of Japanese industrial relations. Part one of the work outlines recent trends in Japanese labour markets, labour law and corporate strategy, and explores the responses of both management and labour to pressure posed by these trends. Part two analyses the interaction between the state, management and labour, considering both the macro and the micro levels. This compilation of up-to-date research by leading Japanese scholars challenges the traditional view of 'lifetime' employment and focuses on the growing economic pressures that Japanese management and labour currently face.


Introduction: Forces for Homogenisation and Diversity in the Japanese Industrial Relations System, Mari Sako. Part 1: 1 Trends in Japanese Labour Markets, Yoshio Higuchi; 2 Labour Law Issues in a Changing Labour Market - In Search of a New Support System, Kazuo Sugeno and Yasuo Suwa; 3 Corporate Strategy and Human Resource Management, Takashi Kawakita; 4 Human Resource Management Systems in Large Firms - The Case of White-Collar University Graduate Employees, Hiroki Sato; 5 Women at Work, Akira Wakisaka; 6 Japanese Management and Labour in Transition - Ageing Mothers, Atsuchi Seike; 7 Internalisation of the Labour Market - Foreign Workers and Trainees, Koichiro Imano. Part 2: 8 Rengo and Policy Participation - Japanese Style Neo-Corporatism, Toru Shinoda; 9 The Public Sector and Privatisation, Naoto Ohmi; 10 Shunto - the Role of Employer and Union Coordination at the Industry and Inter-sectorial levels, Mari Sako; 11 Business Diversification Strategy and Emlployment - the Case of Japanese Chemical Textile Industry, Michio Nitta; 12 Worker Participation - Collective Bargaining and Joint Consultation, Keisuke Nakamura; 13 New Unionism - Beyond Enterprise Unionism?, Hiroyuki Fujimura; 14 Labour-Management Relations in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises - Collective Voice Mechanisms for Workers in Non-Unionised Companies, Hiroki Sato.
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