Natural Environmental Change

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Natural Environmental Change offers a concise introduction to this key topic in the study of the environment, geography, and earth science. Illustrated throughout, each chapter provides a broad spectrum of international case studies and further reading guides. Introductory chapters examine the theories of environmental change and provide a summary of Earth history. The records of environmnetal change are then explained, as revealed by data from various archives such as ocean sediment, ice core, terrestrial deposits such as glacial moraines and lake sediments, tree rings, and historical and meteorological records. Final chapters detail the changes that have occured in high, middle and low lattitudes, and the book concludes with a critical assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current understanding. An extensive bibliography will also prove invaluable to those studying in this area.


Introduction Natural Environmental Change: The Long-term Geological Record The Record of Environmental Change in Ocean Sediments The Record of Environmental Change in Ice Cores The Record of Environmental Change in Continental Archives The Record of Environmental Change in Tree Rings and Historical and Meteorological Records Environmental Change in High Latitudes Environmental Change in Middle Latitudes Environmental Change in Low Latitudes Conclusions


<Antoinette Mannion is a Lecturer in Geography at the University of Reading>


." . . the book will certainly provide a tool for introducing students without science backgrounds to many of the key concepts in global and regional environmental change and the proxy data sources used to reconstruct past climate and environmental conditions."
-Choice, July/August '99
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