Training the Racehorse

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April 1998



Training the Racehorse, first published in 1976 and widely considered the standard work in its field, will prove invaluable to anyone training, or aspiring to train, racehorses; it will also provide a captivating and thought-provoking insight for all racing fans.


As a cavalry officer in the Royal Scots Greys, Tim Fitzgeorge-Parker had a distinguished military career, attaining the rank of Major and being awarded the Military Cross. On returning to civilian life, he continued his association with horses, race-riding as an amateur and becoming the last assistant to the late Atty Persse, whose great training career spanned five decades. After a period of training successfully in his own right, Tim Fitzgeorge-Parker became a racing journalist and author. His books include a series which studies the careers of eminent jockeys and trainers - "Flat Race Jockeys: The Great Ones", "Steeplechase Jockeys: The Great Ones" and "Great Racehorse Trainers" and biographies of some of the foremost racing figures of recent times; Sir Noel Murless, Bruce Hobbs, Neville Crump and Brigadier 'Roscoe' Harvey. His most recent work "The Ditch on the Hill" explores the eighty year history of the Cheltenham Festival. Tim Fitzgeorge-Parker died in 2006.
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