The Cafe Paradiso Cookbook

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Pantry tomato, onion & rosemary bread warm foccacia sandwich with roasted vegetables, tapenade & goat's cheese roasted peppers balsamic-roasted beetroot buttered leeks braised fennel braised puy lentils wasabi mash leek & smoked cheese mash spiced roast potatoes ginger-roasted sweet potatoes sesame-fried cabbage chickpeas with chillies felafel fragrant rice harissa-sweet pepper oil cherry tomato-garlic-chilli sauce pineapple chutney avocado salsa chermoula tapenade pesto basil pesto rocket pesto coriander-chilli pesto sundried tomato pesto coriander-lime oil polenta starters: grilled polenta with tapenade, parmesan & rocket bridget's salad salad tobias broad bean, spinach & beetroot salad with Ardsallagh & a tapenade dressing watercress, potato & avocado salad with Spanish paprika-yoghurt dressing thai cucumber & green bean salad with roasted peanut-citrus dressing tomato salad and variations summer vegetable salad with young leaves, Knockalara and pesto dressing chilled beetroot soup with soured cream, cucumber & scallions deep-fried courgette flower parcels of sheeps cheese & pinenuts leek, pepper & brie tart pan-fried parmesan-stuffed artichoke fritters with basil aioli oyster mushrooms, panfried in gingered butter with wasabi mash aubergine-sticky rice rolls with sesame-shoyu dip and wasabi cornmeal pancakes of roasted pepper, red onion & goat's cheese carrot, almond & feta terrine in vine leaves, with green pepper-coriander salsa peperonata with olive-grilled ciabatta, basil & parmesan asparagus gratin with gabriel cheese crust three wontons in a ginger broth leek & pinenut timbale with a tomato, coriander & puy lentil concasse deep-fried salsify & celeriac fritters with a blue cheese cream dolmades paradiso gingered sweet potato spring rolls with a coconut-chilli cream mains roasted vegetable ratatouille and grilled ciabatta with olives & goat's cheese herbed potato tortilla with avocado salsa wild rice & parsnip fritters with mushrooms in cider & thyme, and leek-smoked cheese mash sweet potato & green bean fritters with sesame-fried cabbage and a coriander-coconut-chilli cream mushroom, pakchoy & eggroll stirfry with buckwheat noodles and a sweet ginger- sauce noodles, tofu, leeks & greens in coconut sauce with lime and coriander roasted root vegetable & couscous pilaf with harissa-sweet pepper oil baked leek, walnut & smoked gubeen crepe with a puy lentil, tomato & kale concasse asparagus, chard & goat's brie crepe with rocket pesto pastry and a couple of tarts spinach, leek & stilton tart aubergine, tomato & mozzarella tart aubergine, tomato & goat's cheese galette with a balsamic-tomato vinaigrette watercress & red onion risotto with pan-fried mushrooms radicchio & roasted pumpkin risotto with a gingered pumpkin cream and braised fennel moroccan-spiced vegetable & almond pastries with a cucumber-coriander yoghurt sauce pasta ribbons in lemon sauce with spinach, leeks and tomatoes pasta in basil oil with aubergines, broad beans, red onions and chillies penne with fennel, green peppers, olives and a roasted garlic-parsley oil couscous-crusted aubergine, panfried, with almond, chilli & scallion filling and a sweet pepper concasse thai tofu & cashew fritters with pineapple chutney and coconut-stewed vegetables aubergine gamelastra desserts white chocolate-blueberry cheesecake rhubarb shortbread with butterscotch sauce raspberry frangipane tart organic strawberries on a hazelnut pavlova little summer puddings with poached nectarines iced tiramisu terrine with coffee syrup blackcurrant fool with little cinnamon biscuits white & dark chocolate mousses on a coffee sauce pecan-maple syrup pudding with poached plums lime & coconut rice pudding with fresh mangoes ginger-sauteed pears with iced mascarpone white chocolate torte with dark chocolate sorbet


Denis Cotter is owner of the Cafe Paradiso restaurant in Cork.
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