The Revival of Right Wing Extremism in the Nineties

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Februar 1997



Most studies of the radical right concentrate on movements in a single country, neglecting to some extent the international dimensions of right-wing extremism. Here, Merkl and Weinberg adopt a comparative perspective, concentrating on the revival of the right across a variety of countries.


1. Why Are They So Strong Now?: Comparative reflections on the revival of the radical Right in Europe 2.The Extreme Right in Europe: A survey 3. The New Right in France and Germany: Nouvelle droite, neue Rechte and the new Right radical parties 4. The New Extreme Right-wingers in Western Europe: Attitudes, world views and social characteristics 5. The Extreme Right Political Movements in Post-Communist Right Radicalism in Romania 6. The Radical Right in Post-Communist Russian Politics 7. Radical Right Parties and Civic Groups in Belarus and the Ukraine 7. The American Radical Right in Comparative Perspective 8. The Quiet Dog: The extreme Right and the South African transition
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