Toward Responsibility in the New World Disorder: Challenges and Lessons of Peace Operations

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September 1998



This volume commends itself to the reader to provoke thought about what governments and international organizations ought to do when faced with the responsibilities of a given peace operation. Equally important, it suggests what we as citizens in the world community ought to demand of our governments and that community in the current world disorder.
The intent is to help decision-makers, policy makers, opinion-makers and students understand the nature of the problem that is likely to provide the greatest challenge to international security management into the next century.


An interview with General John R. Galvin US Army (Ret), Dean, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, 6 August 1997, Max G. Manwaring; tragedy in the Balkans - a conflict ended - or interrupted:, Michael Moodie; from peacemaking to peace building in Central Americ - the illusion versus the reality of peace, Kimbra L. Fischel; the challenge of Haiti's future, Donald E. Schulz; waiting for "the big one" - confronting complex humanitarian emergencies and state collapse in Central Africa, Walter S. Clarke; normative implications of "the savage wars of peace", John T. Fishel; beyond the logjam - a doctrine for complex emergencies, John Mackinlay; policing the new world disorder - addressing gaps in public security during peace operations, Jichael J. Dziedzic; the future of peace support operations, robert H. Dorff; facing the choice among bad options in complex humanitarian emergencies, Dayton L. Maxwell; the "almost obvious" lessons of peace operations, Max G. Manwaring and edwinn G. Corr.
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