Inside Linux

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With in-depth complete coverage on the installation process, editing and typesetting, graphical user interfaces, programming system administration, and managing Internet sites, Inside Linux is the only book "smart users" new to Linux will need. Many of the users new to Linux have an understanding of computer technology and will be looking for just the right reference to fit their sophisticated needs. This book guides users to a high level of proficiency with all the flavors of Linux, and help them with crucial system administration chores. Inside Linux is different than other books available because its a unique blend of a how-to and a reference guide.


Installing Linux. Booting Linux. Using Linux. Network Configuration. Connecting Linux to the Outside World. X Window Configuration. Hardware Configuration. Basic Utilities. The Shell. Graphical User Interface. Linux and the Internet. The Linux Filesystem. Editors. The Tools. Booting and Shutdown. Security. Managing Accounts. Other Administrative Tasks. Utility Programs. Regular Expressions. Other Sources of Information. Common Questions.
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