Lost Fathers: The Politics of Fatherlessness in America

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April 2000



This book brings together the voices of a highly diverse group of scholars to reflect on the culturally and politically charged concept of "fatherlessness" in contemporary American politics.


"A timely presentation of basic arguments on this polarized issue." "--Booklist"
"An interesting and multifaceted discussion. . . . This book makes a solid and learned contribution to the public policy discussion."--"Library Journal"
""Lost Fathers". . . defines the battle lines. In one camp are those who think marriage and fatherhood are essential to socialize men, producing a stability which protects women and children and underpins liberal democratic society. In the other are those who believe that marriage is a patriarchal conspiracy against women, that gender differences are an oppressive social construct and that family life should be reconstituted around egalitarianism and androgyny."--"Times Literary Supplement"
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