Seasoned Theatre: A Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Senior Adult Theatre

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Februar 2000



With more than fifteen years experience, Martha Haarbauer offers a practical guide to all aspects of establishing and maintaining a senior adult theatre.


Part 1 Organizing: A Mission Statement; Nonprofit Status; Alliances with Established Organizations; Boards, Advisory Committees and Friends; Staff; Business Plans. Part 2 Funding: How Much Will It Cost?; Where Will the Money Come From?; Starting Small and Growing. Part 3 Attracting and Accommodating Senior Adults: Motivation; Attracting Older Participants; Training New Thespians; Special Considerations and Accommodations; Keeping Participants in the Theatre; Special Audiences. Part 4 Programming and Performance Material: The Range of Exisitng Programmes; Short Plays and Monologues Especially for Seniors; Creating Performance Material Within the Group; Commissioning Scripts; Using "Nonperformance" Material for Performing; Subject Matter; Other Programming. Part 5 Space and Technical Matters: Space Considerations; Technical Considerations. Part 6 Marketing: Naming Your Senior Adult Theatre; Analyzing Your Market; Direct Contact; Media; A Marketing Campaign. Part 7 Managing the Office: Planning and Organizing; Communciations; Record Keeping; Staff. Appendices: One-Act Plays Commissioned by Seasoned Performers; Resources; Sample Grant Proposal and Responce to Evaluation Criteria; Sample Bylaws of a Nonprofit Senior Adult Theatre.
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