Investing in Africa: An Insider's Guide to the Ultimate Emerging Market

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September 2000



"What a great economic tour of Africa! Provides a top-down understanding of Africa's financial opportunities and a bottoms-up view for investing." - William T. Comfort, Chairman, Citibank Venture Capital, Ltd. "Long overdue! Finally, we have a comprehensive and insightful view of the stock of the stock market investment opportunities in Africa. Yes, 'Tarzan does not live here anymore!'and this book explores the ultimate emerging market with the potential for outstanding investment returns. The book is well organized and gives readers a complete picture of not only all the stock markets in Africa, but also the economic and political background of this exciting area. Case studies and investment examples provide the reader with a realistic view of investing in Africa." - Mark Mobius, President, Templeton Emerging Markets Fund Vastly promising financial opportunities await savvy investors in twenty-first-century Africa. After decades of successful returns for U.S. multinationals from Coca-Cola to Citigroup to Microsoft to McDonald's. Africa has evolved as the birthplace of more new stock markets than any other part of the world. This authoritative guide provides institutional and sophisticated individual investors with a complete, insider's view of the markets, and: * Debunks common misconceptions about Africa and explains why it is the ultimate emerging market * Explains the driving force behind the African economy * Pinpoints available investment vehicles and resources * Weighs the potential risks and rewards for U.S. investors Written by two experts in the field, Investing in Africa contains information on everything from the least known investment opportunities tothe world's most recent top performing stock markets--all found within this rapidly evolving, richly promising continent.


THE AFRICAN FINANCIAL RENAISSANCE CONSIDERED. Africa, Inc.! Image Is Everything. Finding Needles in a Haystack. A Walk down Africa's Wall Streets. WHY AFRICA IS THE ULTIMATE EMERGING MARKET. Unparalleled Opportunity and Potential. The Economic Growth/Political Stability Factor. Fast-Growing Sales, Improved Skills, and Abundant Services. TAKING THE PLUNG--BOLDLY GOING WHERE FEW HAVE GONE BEFORE. The Art of the Deal--Assessing the Investment Alternatives. "Buyer Beware"--The Risks of Investing in Africa. Are You Ready? Get Set, Go!!!! Epilogue: The Online Revolution is Coming--African Investment in the Internal Age. Appendices. Index.
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