Values-Based Estate Planning: A Step-By-Step Approach to Wealth Transfer for Professional Advisors

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April 2000



Baby boomers have amassed fortunes through their innovation, work, and investments; they are also the beneficiaries of the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth in history. Boomers who will receive this wealth are wondering how it will affect them and their families' lives and are beginning to seek the advice of competent professionals to help them achieve their highest financial and philanthropic aspirations. Author Scott Fithian shows advisors how to help wealth holders of all levels use their personal values to simplify the planning process, ensure lifetime financial independence, and control their ultimate family and social capital legacies. Featuring a step-by-step system, this book shows advisors how to motivate clients to develop clear, concise objectives, particularly when it comes to "soft" issues such as philanthropy and values.


THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF VALUES-BASED ESTATE PLANNING. Eternal Planning: Why Clients Are Trapped. Eternal Planning: Why Advisors Are Trapped. Principle #1: Understand the Hierarchy of Planning Objectives. Principle #2: Master the Concept of Social Capital. Principle #3: Define the Family Finanical Philosophy. Principle #4: Quantify Financial Independence. Principle #5: Identify an Appropriate Family Legacy. Principle #6: Maximize the Social Capital Legacy. Principle #7: Build a Virtual Planning Team. THE LEGACY PLANNING SYSTEM: A METHODOLOGY FOR OVERCOMING PLANNING OBSTACLES. The Legacy Planning System. Wealth Optimization and Design. The Legacy Interview. The Legacy Questionnaire. The Legacy Goal Profile: Financial Independence. The Legacy Goal Profile: Family and Social Capital Legacy Goals. The Legacy Blueprint. Drafting the Family Financial Philosophy. Completing the Legacy Positive Focus. Plan Design, Construction, and Execution. Summary and Conclusion. Appendices. Index.


SCOTT C. FITHIAN is the founder and president of The Legacy Companies, internationally recognized for its values- based approach to family wealth transfers. He is an innovative force within the financial services industry and has earned a reputation as the leading expert in values-based planning.
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