Divided Arsenal: Race and the American State During World War II

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November 2008



A comparison of the causes and effects of federal race policy during World War II.


1. A divided arsenal: the problem and its setting; 2. The executive and political imperatives: presidential campaigns and race management policies on the eve of war; 3. The Executive and National Security Imperatives: unrest and early struggles over racial manpower policies; 4. The racial politics of industrial employment: Central State Authority and the adjustment of factory work; 5. The racial politics of army service: Central State Authority and the control of black soldier resistance; 6. June 9, 1943: 'Negro soldier trouble' at Camp Stewart, Georgia; 7. The racial politics of urban and rural unrest: monitoring agriculture and surveilling cities; 8. 'America again at the crossroads': war, the state and social conflict.


'Given the tremendous impact that the war had upon race relations in the USA, and the relative lack of studies on the subject, Divided Arsenal is a much-needed contribution to the field.' Journal of Contemporary History
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